Comprehensive, end-to-end payment solutions for the correctional facility industry
Welcome to OutPay Systems™
OutPay Systems™ is the innovative leader in correctional facility payment systems. Our services range from consulting to transaction processing and everything in between. No matter what stage you are at, OutPay Systems™ has the right products and services to make your facility run as efficiently and effectively as possible.

OutPay Systems utilizes the latest technology to securely process payments and manage client and cardholder information.

OutPay Systems has developed a high-function debit card that allows correctional facilities to make commissary payments to released inmates. .
A case study of a correctional facility reducing costs of inmate release programs and redirecting the savings to improving inmate management.
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Helping companies reach their goals
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Redefining the way you do business
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Reducing your costs is easy
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Inmate Release Program
Streamlining commissary account payments
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Work Release Program
Encouraging inmate reintegration into society
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Delivering results in real time
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Electronic Funds Transfer
Seamless facility to facility inmate fund transfers
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Interactive Voice Response Unit
Improving correctional facility operations
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